At Paw Spa Grooming we offer a variety of services.

Puppy Introduction:  If you recently added a new young furry friend to your family and just want them to get used to the grooming process, this is what you will request.

Since some dog breeds require a lifetime of grooming you want to get them started as early as possible and make the experience as enjoyable as you can.  We specialize in slowly getting the puppies acclimated to grooming and putting them under as little stress as we can.

Mini Grooms:  If your dog is at a manageable length on it’s body and just needs to be cleaned up, the Mini groom is for you.  It includes, Nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath, blow out and a trim on the face, feet and sanitary area of your pet.

Full Service Groom:  If your dog requires an all over hair cut and cleaning, you will want to request a full groom.  That includes, nail trim, ear hair plucking (if required) and cleaning, Annal gland expression,Bath, blow out and a breed specific or owner directed hair cut.  (Pictures of your pet in the style of haircut you prefer are always encouraged.  But please remember we use scissors, brushes and clippers, not magic wands, so hopefully your request is attainable.)

Bath and Blow out only:  If you only need your four legged friend to be clean and pretty you can request a bath alone.  We will bath your pet and hand blow dry them.

Clients who maintain a healthy coat on their dog and visit us within 6 to 8 weeks of their previous groom will receive a $5 dollar discount.  We also offer discounts for referrals.

Once you use Paw Spa Grooming and are pleased with the results and service, please REFER your friends.